Sela Route

Price 20.00

Our simplest routes are a 30 min, 45 min and 60 min ride and are in the location Sela, right outside the village of Megalo Papigo. The trail follows various large fields, small dirt foot paths and a dirt track created by the local shepherders (cow and goat) in order to reach their remote stables. It winds through small scrub, shrub forests of oak and along old abandoned fields that were once used for growing grain and other hay products for the local animals, sheep and goats that were kept by the villagers before the village became a tourist destination. Along the way we also get a fantastic view of the exit of the Vikos Gorge and the springs of the river Voidomatis.

Both these rides are easy, easy to moderate and for beginners or intermediate riders and small kids (beginning from 2 years old). On these rides, horses will either be led or the riders handle them themselves and we are either on foot or riding, depending on the clients comfort levels.

All rides are weather dependent! (we don’t go out in rainstorms, extreme wind or icy ground conditions.) Rides with slight rain or snow can still be conducted.

We offer varying rides according to riders capabilities, age, and fitness. All rides are in nature following goat tracks, dirt roads, open fields and small forest trails and all of them offer incredible views of the area!

We also offer multiple day rides which can be arranged by request. Details can be sent on request via email and we can alter the routes according to rider preference. These rides are not available on busy holidays (Oct 28th, Christmas – New years, Easter, August) and must be booked a few weeks in advance.

Max number of participants – 4 people